about me



I’m Rachel Travis, an illustrator, painter, and mom. I started Boxie Pets when my first child was a few months old and life just wasn’t busy enough. Two little girls, a special needs cat and anxious dog, a never-ending home renovation, and almost 400 pet portraits later, I am happy to say I feel warm and fuzzy making these paintings for such passionate clients. There is something simple and playful to this work and I get to be a part of the sweet relationship people have with their animals. I’ve captured the life of rescue pet to lucky lucky dog, kittens and pups to lifelong companions. I’m honored to memorialize the spirit of animals who’ve passed on. So far, Boxie Pets has donated to these great organizations: Beardley Farms, Children’s Hospital, Knoxville Zoo’s Zoofari, Ronald McDonald House, WDVX radio, and the Brown Dog Foundation.

Feel good about supporting an independent, small time artist. When you buy original artwork, you are voting with your dollar to keep creativity going strong!